Calcium (citrate) + vit. D3

To build and maintain bone density

Titrated to contain 21% in calcium (100% NRVs*) and Vitamin D3 (50% NRVs*)

Calcium (citrate) + vit. D3
To build and maintain bone density

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3017.06 mg / 60 Tablets
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Ingredients: Calcium (citrate) + vit. D3

Serving size: 2 tablets
Servings per container: 30
Amount per serving
Calcium citrate
3894.00 mg
Calcium (in the form of calcium salts of citric acid)
800.00 mg
1.12 mg
Vitamin D3 (in the form of cholecalciferol)
2.50 mcg
*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values
†N/A: Not applicable

Other ingredients:

Sweetener (E420i): sorbitol, dextrose, bulking agent (E460i): microcrystalline cellulose, orange flavouring, anti-caking agent (E470b): magnesium salts of fatty acids.

Food allergens:

This product does not contain allergens (in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011) nor genetically modified organisms.

Updated on 2022/09/23

Description: Calcium (citrate) + vit. D3

Health claims

Vitamin D contributes to normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus.

Vitamin D contributes to normal blood calcium levels.

Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function.

Vitamin D and calcium contribute to the maintenance of normal teeth.

Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Vitamin D has a role in the process of cell division.

Calcium contributes to normal blood clotting.

Calcium contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

Calcium contributes to normal muscle function.

Calcium contributes to normal neurotransmission.

Calcium has a role in the process of cell division and specialisation.


Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the human body, has an essential role in the building and solidity of bone mass as well as in osteoporosis.

Present in almost all the cells of the body, it is involved in the very many biochemical reactions vital to their functioning.

The calcium citrate is combined with Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which enables the bone to absorb the calcium: this vitamin, supplied by food or produced by the body when it is exposed to the sun, is all the more indispensable as it is often deficient in adults, and in particular, in old people.

Furthermore, during digestion, the excess of calcium neutralises fatty acids, a source of irritation to the mucous membrane of the intestine.

Of organic origin, calcium citrate is the source of calcium most easily absorbed, best assimilated and best tolerated by the body. Potentialised by Vitamin D3, it is also the most efficient in osteoporosis.

Detailed information

Calcium is found in nearly all the cells of the body and it plays a part in very many biochemical reactions and is indispensable to their function: it enables muscles to contract, the heart to beat, blood vessels to control blood pressure, nerve cells to communicate, and blood to clot.

According to the experts, calcium supplies are very often insufficient, in particular in old people. Indeed they take in calcium less efficiently in the intestine, although their needs are greater due to ageing of the bone.

The bone is a dynamic tissue which is continually being destroyed and reformed. With age, the destruction (resorption) of the bone becomes preponderant, causing osteoporosis, a risk factor in fractures and compression of the vertebrae. This is a mechanism made worse where external supplies are insufficient as the body will have to draw directly on the calcium which is indispensable to many bodily functions from bone reserves, making the skeleton even more fragile.

The supply of extra calcium can be ensured by nutritional supplements containing a source of calcium. It is usually calcium carbonate or calcium citrate.

Calcium carbonate is often obtained from shells, from bone or coral powder, or dolomite. The “raw materials” are of natural origin but may be contaminated by toxic metals (heavy metals) and other pollutants. Moreover, they can be badly tolerated by some people who do not have enough gastric acid to digest them, causing constipation and bloating.

We use calcium citrate which is organic in origin. It is well-tolerated, as calcium citrate is the source of calcium best absorbed and assimilated by the body. Nor does it interfere with the absorption of other minerals (iron, magnesium, zinc) or vitamins (A, D, C).

Updated on 2021/07/20

Use: Calcium (citrate) + vit. D3


2 tablets per day to chew or suck at mealtimes.


Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are undergoing medical treatment, seek your therapist’s advice. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of young children.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Updated on 2022/09/23

Quality: Calcium (citrate) + vit. D3


Calcium (citrate) + vit. D3




60 tablets






In France


30 servings


This food supplement is manufactured by a GMP-compliant laboratory (GMPs are the good manufacturing practice guidelines for the European pharmaceutical industry).

The active ingredient content is guaranteed through regular analyses.

Certificate issue date: 2022/09/23

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