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Standardized to 10% Proanthocyanidins

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Description: Cranberry

Cranberry is rich in proanthocyanidins (anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial), avoiding the appearance and recurrence of cystitis (urinary infections) by stopping bacteria attaching to the walls of the bladder and reproducing.

Due to these antioxidant effects, cranberry juice helps to fight against urinary tract infections in both men and women, as well as their recurrence.

Each capsule contains 36 mg of proanthocyanidins, i.e. 100% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) recommended by the AFSSA (French Food Safety Agency).

Detailed information

The cranberry is a small red fruit similar to the bilberry, and was a staple food source of the American Indians.

A recent review of its compositions has clarified the mechanisms of its well-established beneficial properties regarding urinary tract infections.

In fact, the cranberry contains proanthocyanidins, a very specific category of flavonoids (polyphenols), the anti-oxidant substances to be found in all plants.

These proanthocyanidins (also known as “condensed tannins”), which are also found to a lesser extent in tea and chocolate, are substances that, like all polyphenols, have anti-oxidant effects on the body’s cells (see “free radicals” leaflet).

Proanthocyanidins also have an anti-microbial action: in fact, they can bind with certain bacteria and prevent them from attaching to the cell walls. And so "trap" the bacteria that often cause urinary infections (Escherichia coli).

With unpleasant symptoms such as the frequent need to urinate and a burning sensation during urination, urinary infection, also known as cystitis, is in fact caused by an abnormal proliferation of the bacteria inside the bladder. It is common among women and men, although it is often associated with prostate problems among the latter.

All studies show that the regular intake of cranberry juice, and therefore proanthocyanidins, helps to fight against urinary tract infections and their recurrence.

Recent studies suggest a similar effect on other bacteria. This is likely to increase the use of proanthocyanidins in case of certain ulcers (caused by the Heliobacter pylori bacteria), dental cavities or certain gingivitis (caused by the Streptococcus mutans bacteria).

1 capsule contain: 360 mg dry extract of cranberries* (*from organic farming) (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton), standardised to contain 10% in proanthocyanidins (i.e. 36 mg).

Other ingredients:

Maltodextrin* (*from organic farming), vegetable-based capsule: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.


This product does not contain allergens (in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011) nor genetically modified organisms.


1 capsule per day with half a glass of water at mealtime.


Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are undergoing medical treatment, seek your therapist's advice. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of young children.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


This food supplement is manufactured by a GMP-compliant laboratory in accordance with current pharmaceutical standards (GMP refers to the Good Manufacturing Practices of the European Pharmaceutical Industry).
Their active principle content is guaranteed through regular tests, which can be viewed online.

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