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Matcha tea bowl, whisk, stand and spoon

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Set Matcha
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Description: Set Matcha


As part of our POWDER Nothing But Plants® range, Anastore presents its Matcha Green Tea Set, ideal for preparing and enjoying the special and intense taste of Matcha green tea.


The Japanese tea ceremony (chanoyu) or ‘way of tea’ (chado or sado) is a ritual that has been performed for over 1,000 years to prepare and present Matcha green tea in the presence of guests (1-2). This ceremony is an art, a spiritual discipline and a way of experiencing Japanese culture (3). It can vary according to the degree of formality, and entails an elaborate preparation. Special utensils are also needed to prepare it (4).



Our Matcha green tea set consists of:


  • Matcha tea bowl or Japanese chawan. This pearly-brown clay bowl is suitable for microwaves and dishwashers. It measures 12 cm in diameter and 8 cm in depth.
  • Whisk or chasen. Made from bamboo, the chasen is carved from a single piece of bamboo, and its fronds have been separated using a thread. It measures 6 cm in diameter and 10.5 cm in height.
  • Chasen stand. Made from porcelain, this green stand is perfect for resting the whisk during the tea ceremony. It measures 5 cm in diameter and 7 cm in height.
  • Spoon for Matcha or chashaku. Made from bamboo, each spoon measures 1 g of Matcha green tea. It is 18 cm long.



At home, you can prepare this stimulating drink using Anastore’s Matcha green tea set. We explain how to prepare it below (5):


  • Pour hot water into the bowl (chawan) to heat it, remove the water and dry the bowl lightly.
  • Using the bamboo spoon (chashaku), add 2 g of Matcha green tea (2 teaspoons), before adding 200 ml of hot water (80 ºC).
  • Whisk with the bamboo whisk (chasen). Whisk slowly at first, and then more rapidly, until you obtain a foam. The chasen should be kept vertical (without pressing down), drawing an ‘M’ with the movement.
  • Once enough foam is obtained, slowly remove the whisk from the middle of the chawan.
  • The Matcha tea is now ready. It is traditionally served with Japanese sweets.



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