Be better organised for taking your capsules and tablets

Weekly pillbox / Daily pillbox

Be better organised for taking your capsules and tablets

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Weekly pillbox
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Description: Pillbox

With their ergonomic, easy-open design and safety system to prevent different products and doses being accidentally mixed up, Anastore’s range of pillboxes are the ideal solution for organising your daily and weekly routine when you take more than one product on the same day.

Our Praticdose® pillboxes are manufactured in France to ISO 9001 standards for design, development, manufacture, sale of material and ordering in the medical and paramedical field. They are also certified to be free from Bisphenol A in their composition. They comply with Food Contact Materials (EC) Regulation No 1935/2004.

There are two options to choose from: for daily use and for weekly use.

Daily-use pillboxes are an ideal choice for those days when you are away from home, allowing you to organise up to 4 doses of pills (breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime). Each compartment of the pillbox measures 4 cm2 and its ergonomic dimensions (29 x 134 x 26 mm) make it easy to use and carry, wherever you go.

The weekly pillbox (226 x 140 x 45 mm) is a very practical solution for organising your pills for the whole week. It is also a fantastic solution for when you are travelling; it allows you to organise your complete weekly routine, arranging your products on a day-by-day basis and providing you with individual daily doses, which are again ideal for carrying with you.

Choose the best solution for your needs and enjoy being perfectly organised!

Updated on 2022/05/06

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During use, store in a cool, dry place away from light.

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