CLIMAX pleasure shot drink

Reinvigorating drink with extract fruit to stimulate sexual function

Forest honey, extracts of watermelon, beetroot, acerola and pomegranate

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Description: CLIMAX pleasure shot drink

Health claims

Vitamin C contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Our new range of .357Phyto® drinks are the quickest and most convenient way to consume the highest-quality vegetable extracts thanks to their monodose format. Shots of extracts titrated in active ingredients of proven quality and effectiveness.

Our CLIMAX shot combines the most effective extracts for improving male and female sexual activity.

A CLIMAX shot contains: forest honey, watermelon extract standardised to contain 10% in L-citrulline, extract of beetroot, extract of acerola standardised to contain 25% in vitamin C and extract of pomegranate standardised to contain 40% in ellagitannins.

Watermelon and beetroot cause an increase in nitric oxide, a molecule implied in vasodilatation, improving blood flow towards the penis and vagina.

Forest honey, rich in antioxidants and energy, combined with acerola, which offers 100% vitamin C NRVs* (80 mg), contributes to reducing fatigue and improving sperm quality.

Pomegranate, fruit of fertility, is rich in antioxidants and helps treat erectile dysfunction and the menopause.

*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values.

Detailed information

The CLIMAX shot is a combination of natural ingredients that help improve male and female sexual activity.

Organic forest honey is well-known for its antioxidant properties and has been proven to be effective at treating fertility problems and erectile dysfunction caused by smoking (1) and inhibiting damage to testicular tissue induced by diabetes (2). Honey nutrients have also shown a positive effect on the treatment of symptoms of the menopause (3).

Dry extract of watermelon (Citrillus lanatus) is standardised in L-citrulline, a non-proteinogenic amino acid that is an intermediary in the synthesis of arginine, an amino acid that increases levels of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has vasodilatation functions and stimulates the production of cGMP which increases blood flow to the penis and causes an erection (4, 5); it is also implied in the relaxation of smooth muscle tissue and blood flow to the vagina (6).

Dry extract of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is rich in nitrates which produce nitric oxide. It is also rich in boron, a mineral that has been demonstrated to be effective on the increase of testosterone levels in the blood (9, 10).

Dry extract of acerola (Malpighia glabra) provides 100% of NRVs* of vitamin C (80 mg), an antioxidant that contributes to increasing testosterone concentration in the blood and sperm in the epididymis (12) and improving the quality of sperm by protecting it from oxygen free radicals (13).

Dry pomegranate extract (Punica granatum) is standardised in ellagitannins, polyphenols with antioxidant properties. It has been proven that ingestion of pomegranate juice increases the density of sperm cells, sperm motility and the concentration of sperm in the epididymis (14), it increases the concentration of nitric oxide in the vascular endothelium (15) and of testosterone in saliva, as well as improving mood (16). In women, pomegranate extract also helps tackle the symptoms of the menopause (17).

*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values.


Ingredient name: Organic forest honey.
•    Improves ejaculation and fertility following damage caused by smoking (1).
•    Administration in diabetics may reduce damage caused to testicular tissue (2).
•    Treats symptoms of the menopause (3).

Ingredient name: Dry extract of watermelon standardised to contain 10% in L-citrulline.
Scientific name: Citrullus lanatus
Part used: Fruit
•    L-citrulline improves erections in patients with mild erectile dysfunction (4).
•    L-citrulline increases levels of cGMP which, combined with nitric oxide, improves erections (5) and relaxes smooth muscle tissue and regulates blood flow to the vagina (6).

Ingredient name: Dry extract of beetroot
Scientific name: Beta vulgaris
Part used: Root
•    Nitric oxide (NO) produces vasodilatation that can be of benefit to problems of male sexual dysfunction, improving blood flow to the penis (7).
•    Reduces blood pressure and improves vascular function (8).
•    Rich in boron, a mineral that increases levels of testosterone in men and women (9,10).

Ingredient name: Dry extract of acerola standardised to contain 25% in vitamin C
Scientific name: Malpighia glabra
Part used: Fruit
•    Vitamin C helps reduce exhaustion and fatigue (11).
•    Increases levels of testosterone and improves concentration of sperm in the epididymis, due to the ingestion of ascorbic acid (12).
•    Anti-oxidant effect of vitamin C causes a decrease in oxidative damage to sperm, therefore improving its quality (13).

Ingredient name: Dry extract of pomegranate standardised to contain 40% in ellagitannins
Scientific name: Punica granatum
Part used: Fruit
•    Increases motility and density of sperm, improves concentration of spermatozoids in the epididymis and reduces the quantity of abnormal sperm (14).
•    Helps treat erectile dysfunction (15).
•    Provokes an increase in testosterone levels in saliva, as well as reducing blood pressure and improving mood in men and women (16).
•    Helps combat symptoms of the menopause (17).


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Per shot (15 ml): 5000 mg of honey, 900 mg of dried watermelon extract (Citrullis lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. & Nakai) standardised to contain 10% in L-citrulline (i.e. 90 mg), 500 mg of dry beetroot extract (Beta vulgaris L.), 320 mg of dried acerola extract (Malpighia glabra L.) standardised to contain 25% in vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) (i.e. 80 mg (100% NRVs*)), 100 mg of dried pomegranate extract (Punica granatum L.) standardised to contain 40% in ellagitannins (i.e. 40 mg), natural pomegranate flavouring. 

*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values.


This product does not contain allergens (in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011) nor genetically modified organisms.


per 100 ml
per 1 SHOT (15 ml)
573 kJ / 135 kcal
86 kJ / 20 kcal
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
32 g
4,8 g
29 g
4,4 g
3,6 g
0,5 g
0 g
0 g
0,85 g
0,12 g
533 mg (666%*)
80 mg (100%*)

*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values.


Take 1 shot a day. Shake before use.


Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are undergoing medical treatment, seek your therapist's advice. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of young children.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


CLIMAX pleasure shot drink




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This product was pasteurised at low temperature to preserve its nutritional properties.
This dietary supplement is manufactured by a GMP-compliant laboratory GMPs are the good manufacturing practice guidelines for the European pharmaceutical industry.
Their active principle content is guaranteed through regular tests, which can be viewed online.

The labelling of our products complies with Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 and its subsequent amendments, with the aim of ensuring a high level of consumer protection in relation to food information.

Our packaging complies with Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 October 2004 and its subsequent amendments on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, aiming to secure a high level of protection of human health and the interests of consumers.










Conform with specifications
Conform with specifications
Conform with specifications
Conform with specifications




Irradiation detection:
Not irradiated
Conform with specifications




Plate count:
NMT 10000 cfu/g
Conform with European Pharmacopoeia 8.0
Yeasts and molds:
NMT 100 cfu/g
Conform with European Pharmacopoeia 8.0
E. coli:
Conform with European Pharmacopoeia 8.0
Conform with European Pharmacopoeia 8.0
NMT 100 cfu/g
Conform with European Pharmacopoeia 8.0


Anastore is registered on the Food Safety Register of Food Business Operators, whose purpose is to protect public health and consumer interests, where the definitions provided for in Articles 2 and 3 of Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 and Article 2 of Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, and their subsequent amendments, are applicable.

These Regulations lay down the general principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Safety Authority and laying down procedures in matters of food safety, in addition to laying down general rules in relation to the hygiene of foodstuffs.

Finally, Anastore notifies the placing on the market of its food supplements in accordance with the specific regulations of each country.

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