Energy drink made from plant extracts to boost physical and mental capacity

Honey, acerola, guarana, royal jelly, american ginseng, ginkgo biloba

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Description: ENERGY & MENTAL

Health claims

Vitamin C contributes to normal psychological function and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

Our new range of drinkable products .357Phyto® is the most comfortable and the quickest way to consume high-quality vegetable extracts thanks to monodoses, shots titrated in quality active ingredients the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated.

ENERGY & MENTAL shots are a synergy of extracts of maximum efficiency which increase vitality and energy and improve memory and attention-span.

A shot of ENERGY & MENTAL contains: forest honey, acerola extract standardised to contain 25 % vitamin C, guarana extract standirdised to contain 18% caffeine, royal jelly, American ginseng extract standardised to contain 10% in ginsenosides and ginkgo extract standardised to contain 24% in glucosides of flavonol and 6% terpenic lactones.

The American ginseng extract Cereboost and ginkgo improve cognitive functions and mood due to the action of their bioactive ginsenoside molecules, terpenic lactones and glucosides of flavonol.

Forest honey and royal jelly provide energy and are rich in antioxidants. Guarana seeds increase strength and vitality thanks to their caffeine.
Acerola, a natural source of vitamin C, provides 100% of the NRVs* of this vitamin which helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values.

Detailed information

ENERGY & MENTAL is a synergy of compounds of natural origin which provides in one dose the energy necessary for physical activity and bioactive compounds with antioxidant properties which improve cognitive functions (memory, attention span…).
Organic forest honey provides an extra dose of energy due to its high sugar content (1) and acerola extract (Malpighia glabra) titrated at 25% vitamin C provides all of the NRVs* of this vitamin which contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue (5).
Guarana seed extract titrated at 18% caffeine, an alcaloid stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS) helps to improve memory and attention span (6,7).
Organic royal jelly is made up of water, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, mineral salts and vitamins (1), is rich in antioxidants (9,10) and has a restoring and anti-fatigue effect (11,12). American ginseng root extract (Panax quinquefolius) Cereboost TM is titrated at 10% ginsenosides, saponins which stimulate the CNS and protect against neuronal degradation (13). Finally ginkgo leaf dry extract (Ginkgo biloba) titrated in terpenic lactones (6%) and glucosides of flavonol (24%) completes the double action of the ENERGY & MENTAL shot as its flavonoids have antioxidant activity while the terpenic lactones reduce anxiety and improve memory (18).
*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values.


Name of ingredient: Organic forest honey
•    A source of energy: rich in fructose and glucose (1).
•    Contains flavonoids and phenol acids: antioxidants (2).
•    Studies have shown that the ingestion of honey helps to maintain glucose levels in the blood during physical exercise (3)

Name of extract: Dry extract of acerola fruit standardised to contain 25% vitamin C
Scientific name: Malpighia glabra
Part used: Fruit
•    Has high concentrations of vitamin C, vitamins A, B1 and B2; carotenoids; anthocyanins; proteins; fats, carbohydrates and minerals (4).
•    Vitamin C helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue (5).
•    Vitamin C contributes to normal psychological functions (5).
•    Vitamin C contributes to normal energetic metabolism (5).

Name of ingredient: Dry extract of guarana seeds standardised to contain 18% in caffeine
Scientific name: Paullinia cupana Kunth
Part used: Seed
•    Is a stimulant of the central nervous system, recommended for cases of physical or mental stress (6).
•    Improves cognitive functions (attention span) (7).
•    Has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties reducing the cellular damage caused by free radicals (8).

Name of ingredient: Freeze-dried organic royal jelly
•    High antioxidant potential and rich in proteins (9).
•    Antioxidant activity due to the presence of three dipeptides (Lys-Tyr, Arg-Tyr and Tyr-Tyr) (10).
•    Reduces fatigue after exercise having a restoring effect (11).

Name of ingredient: Dry extract of American ginseng root (Cereboost TM) standardised to contain 10% in ginsenosides
Scientific name: Panax quinquefolius
Part used: Root
•    Improves attention-span (12).
•    Helps to prevent memory lapses (13).
•    Has an anti-fatigue effect (14).
•    Improves cognitive functions and mood (15).

Name of ingredient: Dry extract of ginkgo leaves standardised to contain 24% flavone glycosiden and at 6% in terpene lactones
Scientific name: Ginkgo biloba
Part used: Leaves
•    Neuroprotective properties (16).
•    Vasodilating action which helps to bring fluid to the brain, thus improving concentration, memory and mental agility (17).
•    Bilobalide (terpenic lactone) reduces anxiety and improves memory (18).
•    Ginkgolide B (terpenic lactone) is platelet-activating factor antagonist (19), a mediator of platelet aggregation, formation of thrombi, allergy and inflammatory reactions.

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Per shot (15 ml): 6000 mg of honey, 320 mg of dry extract of acerola fruit (Malpighia glabra) standardised to contain 25% in vitamin C L-ascorbic acid) (i.e. 80 mg (100% NRVs*)), 195 mg of dry extract of guarana seeds (Paullinia cupana Kunth) standardised to contain 18% in caffeine (i.e. 35.1 mg), 150 mg of freeze-dried royal jelly, 100 mg of dry extract of root of American ginseng (Cereboost TM ) (Panax quinquefolius) standardised to contain 10% in ginsenosides (i.e. 10 mg), 30 mg of dry extract of ginkgo leaves (Ginkgo biloba) standardised to contain 24% in flavone glycosides (i.e. 7.2 mg) and at 6% in terpene lactones (i.e. 1.8 mg), cola flavoring from natural essential oils.

*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values.


This product does not contain allergens (in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011) nor genetically modified organisms.


per 1 SHOT (15 ml)
per 100 ml
87 kJ / 20 kcal
578 kJ / 136 kcal
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
5,1 g
34 g
4,9 g
32 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g
0,36 g
2,4 g


Take 1 shot a day. Shake before use.


It contains guarana caffeine which is unsuitable for children and pregnant women (35.1 mg caffeine/shot). Avoid eating at night. Consult your doctor in case of simultaneous use of anticoagulants. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are undergoing medical treatment, seek your therapist's advice. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of young children.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


This product was pasteurised at low temperature to preserve its nutritional properties.
This food supplement is manufactured by a GMP-compliant laboratory (GMPs are the good manufacturing practice guidelines for the European pharmaceutical industry).
Their active principle content is guaranteed through regular tests, which can be viewed online.

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