Organic cider vinegar

Organic, unpasteurised and gluten free

Enriched with 50 plant extracts

Organic cider vinegar
Organic, unpasteurised and gluten free

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Cider vinegar 750 ml
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Ingredients: Organic cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar*, chicory*.

Fruit juices: prune*, blueberry*, apple*, white grape*, orange*, white grapefruit*, mango*, banana*, pineapple*, apricot*, peach*, pear*, rose hip*, lemon*.

Vegetable juices: beetroot*, tomato*, carrot*, black radish*, parsley*

Herbal teas: apple pieces*, lemongrass*, rose hip*, mint*, chamomile*, tulsi herbs*, marigold flowers*, lavender flowers*, cardamom*, pepper*, everlasting flowers*, valerian root*, nettle leaves*, lemon balm leaves*, licorice*, hibiscus flowers*, St John’s wort*, dandelion greens*, orange peel*, elderberries*, rose petals*, cabbage flakes*, broccoli*, parsley*, carrot pieces*, olive leaves*, savory*, spirulina platensis**, ground nutmeg*.

Plant extracts: white birch*, artichoke*, echinacea*, blueberry*, fucus (seaweed)**, turmeric*.

*From organic farming.

**From organic aquaculture.


It may contain traces of sulphites due to the fermentation of the apple. Does not contain GMOs.


per 100 ml
17 kJ/ 4 kcal
<0.5 g
<0.1 g
1.0 g
<0.4 g
<0.2 g
<0.01 g


Description: Organic cider vinegar

Anastore offers you cider vinegar enriched with plant extracts - certified organic and gluten free.

Obtained from apple fermentation, our vinegar is not pasteurised, to retain its acetic bacteria content that is so beneficial for health.

Consuming cider vinegar regularly improves the digestive system. It increases its enzymes, removes harmful bacteria1, 2 and absorbs excess stomach acid. In addition, cider vinegar aids slow digestion and the renewal of intestinal flora3.

With its ideal acidity 5º (equivalent to that of saliva), our enriched cider vinegar has a detox effect that ‘cleans’ and regenerates the body4, amplified by the presence of black radish juice. Through the diuretic and slimming action of extracts of prune, mango, artichoke and fucus, cider vinegar promotes gradual weight loss and helps to destroy fat in cells5.

Vinegar is also a powerful remineralisation agent, as it contains more than 30 nutrients: trace elements (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, etc.), vitamins, essential acids, enzymes and pectins 6. Our enriched cider vinegar also acts as a relaxer7, thanks to its extracts of several plants (camomile, lavender, lemon balm, St. John’s Wort and rose petals).

Our enriched cider vinegar combines its multiple natural properties with the benefits of the most effective plant extracts8-10.

It can be taken every day, as a seasoning on your recipes (salads etc.), or as a monthly detoxifying remedy with each change of season.

Enriched cider vinegar also relieves joint pain when used externally (friction, massage, poultices, baths, etc.).


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Updated on 2021/01/25

Use: Organic cider vinegar


In cooking: it accompanies deliciously your dishes and seasoning. It is an excellent taste enhancer for cooking without salt. To drink: dilute 1 tablespoon in 1 L of water, to be drunk throughout the day. Shake before use.


The apple cider vinegar can be cloudy and an active ingredient can appear in the bottle. It is due to its composition and the vinegar mother that forms again. It does not affect the quality of the product.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

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