As summer approaches, it is time to put your good intentions into action by combining a balanced diet with slimming aids such as Chitosan or Hoodia, or even fat burners, so you can reach your weight-loss goal.
This year, you have decided to lose weight again. But let's look at the evidence: if your weight-loss routine last year, like the previous years, was not particularly effective, it is because you only temporarily reduced your calorie intake. You now know that this method is not good enough and you need to find something that really works.
To lose weight successfully and keep it off, you must adopt a slimming plan tailored to your needs. We are going to help you by suggesting dietary supplements to suit your lifestyle so that you can develop your own slimming plan.
You are active and you have a few kilos to lose


If you are active, you already burn a lot of calories in your day-to-day activities. Chitosan will help you to harness the excess fat in your diet, while Nopal, which is high in fibre, will help to absorb nutrients quickly and reduce your appetite.
Your lifestyle often means that you eat more than you need to. So without regular physical exercise, you can put on some weight. To help manage these little excesses better, our SC15 (Green coffee (Svetol®) + Green tea) can help you to bring down your blood sugar by reducing the sugar absorbed by your gut.
You have quite a sedentary lifestyle, you sometimes eat too much and you want to lose 5 kilos


If you have a sedentary lifestyle and you eat more than you need to, a low-calorie diet will not really help you because you will quickly put the weight back on. A sedentary lifestyle restricts the calories you can burn and leads to you quickly storing food as fat.
You would be better suited to a thermogenesis and energy-balancing plan to help your body burn more calories, even as you rest. Combining a high-performance fat burner, SC15 (Green coffee (Svetol®) + Green tea), with QX50 (Précursor TSH), which stimulates the thyroid so you can burn calories more effectively, will help you to lose weight.
Lastly, the way Chitosan works can help you target the fat and calories in your body to reduce the amount of excess fat that your body assimilates. And the end result? You can eat normally and gradually lose weight.
You are quite sporty, but you cannot lose weight and you are carrying an extra 5 kilos


If you are sporty, your body regularly uses up a lot of energy. However, you cannot necessarily lose that extra weight because burning calories does not automatically lead to weight loss. Also, if you start an overly strict diet, you run the risk of losing muscle rather than just the weight.
In this case, the best option is to gently rebalance your metabolism. By targeting your thyroid function, QX50 (Precursor TSH) will help you to balance your muscle-fat ratio and make it easier to lose the excess weight.
At the same time, Capsimax will help you burn calories, especially during exercise, by speeding up your metabolism thanks to its thermogenic action.
You exercise regularly, but you would like to know the best plan for losing a bit of weight through exercise


You exercise regularly, which helps you burn a lot of calories, but for all that you cannot lose weight satisfactorily.
In this case, Nopal will help you to regulate your transit and slow down the absorption of fats and sugars, while also reducing your appetite.
At the same time, Capsimax helps you to burn more calories as you exercise by speeding up your metabolism thanks to its thermogenic action.
You have had a sedentary lifestyle for some time, you love to eat and you have 10 kilos to lose


In this case, you should employ a variety of approaches to develop the best performing slimming plan. You must work on both food and digestion, while increasing the calories you burn to help your body use up stored energy and calorie reserves.
Capsimax helps to speed up your metabolism through thermogenesis, which means you burn more calories when resting. Our SC15 (Green coffee (Svetol®) + Green tea) improves the way your body uses fats as energy without an excessive increase in thermogenesis, which Capsimax is already working on.
Chitosan, which is mainly fibre based, works directly on digesting food. Fibre both fills up your stomach, so you feel full quickly, and also attracts excess fat for fast excretion, without the fat being absorbed by your body.