Standardised and clinically tested extracts

The vast majority of products are formulated based on concentrated plant extracts with standardised active principle content, extracted from a specific part of each plant.

Plants naturally contain active principles, substances that have beneficial effects for humans. The quantity of active substance in a plant depends on its botanical variety, the part of the plant used (e.g. root, rhizome, leaf, flower), the climatic conditions and the substrate where the plant is grown.

In a powdered plant extract, the powder contains varying concentrations of active principles, depending on the naturally occurring active principles of the plants that were pulverised in that batch. However, the plant extracts are standardised to contain a given active principle percentage. In each extract batch, the ratio of kilograms of plant used to obtain the kilograms of dry plant extract therefore increases or decreases, or remains constant, so that the same active principles percentage is always present in the dry extract. This process guarantees consistent quality of the finished product.

This plant extraction process enables biologically active substances to be separated from inert matter into two components: the solution extracted in its solvent (the extract) and the residue. The standardised plant extract can be obtained using various methods: mechanical extraction, distillation or solvent extraction.

Solvent extraction involves placing the plant in contact with a solvent capable of solubilising the active principles. The three main solvents used in extracts are water, alcohol and CO2, since these have proven safe for human health and have a very low environmental impact. also uses selected extracts that have been scientifically tested in numerous prospective clinical trials – randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials – and in bioavailability clinical trials – in vitro mechanistic studies, which confirm the effectiveness of the phytotherapy of the standardised natural extracts.


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