A workout with protein cocoa

A workout with protein cocoa

If there is one field that has not yet achieved gender equality, it is sport!

According to the UN, it was not until the 2012 London Olympic Games (more than a century after the first Games of the modern era) that women competed in every sport of the Olympic programme.

However, womankind is increasingly interested in sport, at professional, amateur or recreational level. No more being a spectator!

Why go for it?

Here’s a misogynist anecdote for you: physical education was enshrined in the 1882 French law to ‘predispose (...) boys to future work as a soldier or labourer, and young girls to housekeeping and to women's work’ (2). Naturally, Anastore encourages you to practice sports for different reasons!

The first and most frequently cited is weight loss. Let’s be honest, practising a sport only rarely loses you weight (it takes 140 km of walking to lose one just one kilogram of fat!). However, in a hypocaloric diet, exercise prevents the body from spontaneously ‘burning’ muscle and forces it to draw energy from surplus fat. It also helps to create a firmer and leaner figure.

Here’s a genuine reason to practice a sport: keeping in shape, physically (improving pulmonary ventilation, strengthening the cardiovascular system, maintaining bones and joints, maintaining psychomotor faculties, reducing the risk of type II diabetes) and mentally (production of endorphins, hormones that promote well-being, combating stress and depression).

Sport also offers plenty of fun, with the joy of achievement and the euphoria of victory (sometimes!). It is also a great opportunity to meet people and fulfil our natural need for socialisation.  

Proteins for an optimal workout

Sport helps you to feel good in your body and in your mind! To avoid losing sight of this goal, it is important to preserve performance, efficiency and recovery. You will not gain any satisfaction from exhausting yourself or even injuring yourself. This is why it is often recommended that you take supplements to optimise your training session.

Of all the dietary supplements designed for athletes, proteins are surely the most indispensable for beginner and established athletes alike.

Obtained from cow's milk whey, consuming proteins increases feelings of fullness (due to their FOS fibre content), promotes the synthesis of proteins in the muscle and helps to prevent muscle damage (due to the presence of important branched-chain amino acids, BCAA) (3).

After exercise comes comfort!

For you to be satisfied with a workout, Anastore has combined pleasure with practicality, with its cocoa protein powder formula. This red fruit is a powerful antioxidant that promotes muscle recovery. Its aroma contains stevia, a natural, non-caloric sweetener that enhances its fruity taste.

Our MAX DEFINITION cocoa flavour is a healthy treat that will make you want to train regularly!

Focus on our product

Proteína Whey Max Definition sabor cacao

Our MAX DEFINITION with cocoa provides 14.65 g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) per 100 g of product. 

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