Taurine: key molecule for anti-aging

Taurine shows its ability to reverse aging

A study published in the journal Science points to the role that taurine could play, a semi-essential micronutrient that our body produces and that we can also obtain through our diet. According to their data, in different animal species taurine deficiency is a major driver of aging. The study demonstrates that taurine abundance declines with age and that reversing that decline through supplementation increases life expectancy in mice and worms and increases healthy life expectancy in macaques.

The researchers measured taurine in the blood and obtained an important clue related to age in different species. In the 15-year-old monkeys the concentrations were 85% lower than in the five-year-olds. In people, they are also decreasing: with 60 years, we only register a third of the levels that we have as children. In mice, the authors verified that the deficiency of this compound promotes aging and leads to a shorter life. However, the most interesting thing is that the process is reversible. The scientists supplemented the worms' diet with taurine, managing to increase their half-life between 10% and 23%. The results in rodents were also positive: not only did they extend their lives by more than 10%, but they also improved aspects such as strength, coordination and cognitive functions.

taurine prolongs life

The study also found that by reinforcing the molecule in rhesus macaques, an experimental model very close to humans, they observed positive effects on bone, metabolic, and immune health. However, the researchers warn that these results are in no way an invitation to consume products rich in taurine, such as some energy drinks. The main sources of taurine are meat products, fish and shellfish. It is also present in dairy, eggs and nuts.

It is important to note that these results are promising but more research and human trials are still needed to determine the effect of taurine on longevity and human health.

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