Aldosterone or blood pressure hormone

Aldosterone comes from the adrenal glands. It influences blood pressure, stimulates and raises blood pressure during stressful situations or when standing for a prolonged time.
Permanent feeling of thirst and having to lie down, a desire for salty food, clear urine with any little colour are symptoms which, when taken together, can signal a lack of aldoesterone. If that is the case, you should eat more animal proteins (meat, poultry, fish, eggs) and fat, and add salt to your food. You should cut down on tobacco and coffee.
Hormones Optimal values Pathological values Comments
Aldosterone 170 pg/ml < 100 pg/ml It regulates the Na+ and K+ balance, where it controls kidney functions, in the body. Excess aldosterone causes a drop in potassium that is eliminated in urine.
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