Calcitonin or bone hormone

Calcitonin comes from the thyroid gland located at the base of the neck. This hormone mainly affects the health of your bones. It also helps you to cope with stress and avoid migraines, reduce inflammations and prevent stomach ulcers.
Symptoms of a lack of calcitonin are often bone fractures, compression of the vertebrate, shrinking, hunched back, together with ulcers, frequent migraines and poor resistance to stress. This can only be improved by increasing the rate of other thyroid hormones, particularly by eating calcium-rich food (seafood, fish, but moderate consumption of dairy products) and by taking amino acid supplements in capsules.
Hormones Optimal values Pathological values Comments
Calcitonin 8 pg/ml < 4 pg/ml Secreted by the thyroid gland, it acts in the bones, where it blocks resorption. Calcium absorption is increased.
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