Testosterone, the virility hormone

For men, testosterone is principally provided by the testicles. It is also manufactured in both sexes from precursor adrenal hormones.
Testosterone provides energy for our daily activities, assurance and help in feeling more confident and overcoming obstacles. It fuels sexual desire and facilitates male erection. It firms the body and tones muscle mass. It prevents cardiac muscle weakness and is responsible for maintaining the heart’s protein synthesis.
To maintain your testosterone level, eat more protein (meat, eggs, fish, poultry) and fats. Moderate intake of coffee and tobacco and avoid alcohol.
Hormones Optimal values Pathological values Comments
Testosterone 7000 pg/ml (H)
350 pg/ml (F)
< 6000 pg/ml (H)
<200 pg/ml (F)
Secreted by the testicles and the ovaries, testosterone stimulates male sexuality.
Check your testosterone level (male)
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