Losing winter pounds or starting a diet more generally is always easier to say than to do. Everyone dreams of a magic pill that would let them lose weight quickly but above all…with no effort! Unfortunately, one thing is certain: there´s no such pill!

Even so, the latest research carried out in the field of cellular metabolism, sometimes applying traditional knowledge to well-known plants, shows that it is possible for certain composites to act specifically on physiological mechanisms such as fat absorption, blood sugar level regulation, the feeling of being full…

This work now allows us to offer you a complete range of slimming aids. So many allies to choose from according to your specific weight problem, to make your diet easier and help you to lose weight before the summer.

Eat less

This seems so obvious that we sometimes forget it: reducing your calorie intake is the only way to really slim! It´s by having fewer external resources that the body can draw on its unsightly reserves. Even so, to eat less you need to not be hungry! Even if some people manage to control their cravings by will-power, for others a slimming aid can be a good ally!

Hoodia Gordonii: this South African cactus is traditionally used by the bush men as an appetite suppressant. Without adding calories, it acts like glucose on the nerve cells of the brain giving them a feeling of being full. With less appetite, you eat less!

Gymnema-Chromium: a combination of a plant and an essential trace element, this complex gives more specific help in fighting the desire to snack on sweet things. Gymnema, a plant from the tropical forests of northern and western India, contains molecules of gymnemic acid, reputed to reduce blood sugar levels by helping glucose assimilation. More than that, it suppresses detection of sweet tastes: a natural ally against nibbling! Chromium, an essential trace element, is involved in the secretion of insulin.

Encourage elimination

Clearing out fat? You don´t necessarily need to have recourse to liposuction. Certain composites are renowned for their capacity to destroy fat deposits from within and eliminate them. Others are known for preventing them from forming, and so there again driving the body to burn its own reserves.

Chitosan: this fibrous substance obtained from the shells of crustaceans attracts fat like blotting paper, forming a gel that is then eliminated naturally. Chitosan also encourages intestinal transit.

Garcinia cambogia: this tree produces a fruit whose skin contains Hydroxycitric Acid (.H.C.A), a fruit acid which blocks the enzymatic mechanism that transforms sugars into fats.

And above all, don´t forget to move! Even if it has never actually made anyone slim, physical activity is one more thing in a diet, because gaining muscle mass equally facilitates elimination of fats! External application of anti-cellulite massage oil helps through its active ingredients to fight the orange-peel effect that characterises cellulite.