Spirulina: more than just algae?

Spirulina may be an algae, but it is a truly remarkable one. It could even be described as exceptional. With 65% protein content and a high concentration of amino acids, no other food can match it. Ideal for athletes, keeping fit, and anyone who wants to lose weight, this superfood, whose origin is lost in the mists of time, offers an amazing range of active nutrients for everyday health and vitality.
What are the benefits?
There are so many. American Indians – particularly the Incas – were already eating it regularly by the time the Spanish arrived. A superfood like no other, spirulina contains twice as much protein as soya and more B vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12) than barley and bran. Unlike some other dietary supplements, spirulina is also a rich source of easily-absorbable iron.
In addition to its high concentration of minerals and essential trace elements, spirulina contains a powerful mix of antioxidants and essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, which we need daily. This vast range of nutrients offered by this exceptionally rich algae holds the key to its many benefits.
Low in sugars but rich in amino acids, spirulina is ideal for weight loss, while preserving health and wellbeing for those watching their calorie intake. Spirulina contains few calories, despite its high protein and essential fatty acid content. Recent scientific tests have proved that the quality of spirulina protein far exceeds that of casein, and it is a top favourite in the sporting world.
The magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and selenium it contains naturally help to provide for your basic micronutrients needs, while offering an impressive complete spectrum of antioxidants: beta-Carotene, carotenoids, SOD. Spirulina is undoubtedly one of nature’s best-kept secrets.
Which source of spirulina offers the most benefits for my health?
Spirulina has grown in the sea for several millions of years, but the spirulina used in nutritional supplements is sourced from the freshwater lakes of the Andes, where it benefits from pure, dry air and ideal sun exposure, away from the pollution caused by ocean currents. Completely natural and free from impurities, spirulina relieves stress while helping you watch your waistline and fight fatigue. It is a wise choice as a sports supplement, and to guarantee your wellbeing and everyday vitality.
Organic spirulina
Organic spirulina