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Weight loss

How to use Konjac glucomannan for weight loss

How to use Konjac glucomannan for weight loss10/06/2020

Glucomannan is a natural fibre extracted from konjac, a tuber traditionally grown in China and Japan whose root is almost 100% fibre. This food supplement has the benefit of helping to reduce weight because, when ingested mixed with water, it increases in volume in the stomach.

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Nopal, the cactus that captures fat and sugar

Nopal, the cactus that captures fat and sugar17/09/2019

Nopal is a nutrient-rich plant with the ability to capture some of the fats and sugars ingested in the diet. This cactus has demonstrated that it can be a great ally for the health of people who are overweight, who suffer from type 2 diabetes, and for cardiovascular prevention.

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Matcha, the Japanese health elixir

Matcha, the Japanese health elixir04/07/2018

Look beyond the food hype on social media, and the celebrities who say they consume it every day to be fabulous, and you will see that the supreme nutritional properties of this distinctive green tea powder called Matcha green tea are genuine.

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Tea, a source of antioxidant properties

Tea, a source of antioxidant properties06/06/2018

Over the centuries, in eastern culture, tea has been considered a social and medicinal drink. During this time, many claims have been made (some exaggerated) about the benefits it can bring to health. In this article, we will clarify the truth about the real benefits of regular tea consumption for health. 

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A workout with protein cocoa

A workout with protein cocoa17/01/2018

If there is still any doubt, sport is also the domain of women! Several reasons to get started : weight loss, maintaining your physical and mental health... To make each session a pleasure, discover a food supplement that combines health and sweet!

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When man was strong and healthy

When man was strong and healthy14/11/2017

After studying the principles of the paleolithic diet, Anastore has developed an ideal snack for maintaining vitality between meals: CRO® bars, which only contain fruits – ­dried fruits and red fruits – with no preservatives or artificial flavours.

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