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Do you have a cortisol deficiency?

Cortisol, anti-stress hormone

Coming from the cortex, the external part of the suprarenal glands, cortisol is crucial to the bodily functioning.

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Test for men and women

A) I have digestive problems  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
B) I suffer with allergies  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
C) I am stressed  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
D) My heart beats fast  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
E) I suffer from fatigue, followed by wanting to eat salty or sugary foods  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
F) I am tired, as if I had flu  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
G) My doctor says that my arterial tension is low  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
H) My friends tell me that I am thin  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
I) My face is thinner  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
J) I suffer from eczema, hives, psoriasis or skin allergies  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always


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