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Do you have a DHEA deficiency?

DHEA, anti-ageing hormone
Synthesised by suprarenal glands by cholesterol, DHEA, "precursor" of other hormones, is essential to well being and to the fight against ageing. Its multiple effects lessen with age, its rate being no more than half its optimal level after the age of 40.
To find out more about la DHEA (in french).
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Test for men and women
QUESTIONS Never A little Regularly Often Always
A I have a fat stomach
B My muscles are slack
C My hair is dry and dull
D My skin and eye mucous membranes are dry
E I have no armpit hair
F I have no pubic hair
G I have no pubic fat (flattened mons veneris for women)
H I have no libido
I I have no natural (sexual) odours
J I cannot bear noise
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