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Do you have an oestradiol deficiency?

Oestradiol, femininity hormone

Oestradiol is a specific female hormone, largely produced by the ovaries. It carves out womanly curves at the chest, hips and pelvis. It creates good moods and cheerfulness.

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Test for women

A) I am losing the hair on the top of my head  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
B) Hairs are appearing on my face  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
C) Fine wrinkles have appeared on my face  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
D) My eyes are dry and irritated  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
E) I have hot flushes  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
F) I have bouts of depression  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
G) I always feel tired  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
H) My periods are not heavy  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
I) My cycles are irregular  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
J) My breasts are shrinking  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
K) Women without periods: I no longer want to make love  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always


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