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Do you have a melatonin deficiency?

Melatonin, sleep hormone
Our bodies manufacture melatonin at night through the pineal gland (situated behind the brain). The secretion peak occurs between 2.00am and 3.00am. This hormone regulates the circadian rhythm and neutralises excess oxidation in the body.
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Test for men and women
QUESTIONS Never A little Regularly Often Always
A I have difficulty sleepingl
B I often wake up at night...
C ...I cannot fall asleep again
D I suffer from anxiety while waiting to sleep
E I am tired when I wake up
F I feel out of step sleeping late, waking late
G I have difficulty putting up with jet-lag
H I smoke, I drink coffee (and/or) I take a beta-blocker or sleeping pill
I I seem older than I am
J My feet are too hot at night
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