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Do you have a progesterone deficiency?

Progesterone, sleep hormone

Progesterone principally comes from the ovaries. It is made in minute amounts by the suprarenal glands in both sexes and by the testicles in men. It is the sleep hormone in women.

To find out more about la progestérone (in french).

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Test for women

A) My breasts are too large  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
B) Before my periods, my breasts hurt...  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
C) ...and my lower stomach is bloated  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
D) My periods are heavy  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
E) My periods are constantly painful  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
F) I am agitated and nervous  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
G) I am irritable and aggressive  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
H) I lose my self-control  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
I) I feel anxious  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always
J) I sleep lightly and restlessly  Never  A little  Regularly  Often  Always


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