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Do you have a testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone, virility hormone
Despite its name "virility hormone", testosterone is found in both men and women. In men, it mainly comes from the testicles, but also from the suprarenal glands and the prostate. In women, it is secreted by the suprarenal glands and the ovaries. It deals with sexual desire, gives constant energy and positive thoughts.
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Test for men
QUESTIONS Never A little Regularly Often Always
A I have difficulty recovering after physical exertion
B I accumulate fat on my chest
C I have hot flushes and sweats
D I perform less well sexually
E I am less sure of myself, more hesitant
F My stomach tends to get fat
G I am less toned than in the past
H My face is less toned and more wrinkled
I I am tired all the time
J I want to make love less often
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