Quality policy

ANASTORE is a company specialised in the sale and marketing of dietary supplements, sports supplements and other natural food products. It is now one of the top global players in this sector due to its extensive portfolio of experience and know-how.

‘Design and sale of dietary supplements, sports supplements and other natural food products’

Our company firmly believes that a quality product must always be matched with customer service of equal quality. We set ourselves the goal of bringing quality to every single home by designing unique collections, distilling our innovative technologies into each product, studying the perfect combinations for each application and ensuring professionalism in our customer service.

The company’s key objective is the satisfaction of our customers and interested parts. We therefore make sure we fulfil with our customer’s requirements, comply with legislation and regulations governing the product and the environment, together with industry standards (ISO 9001 ISO 14001) and all other requirements the organisation has committed to.

We have therefore implemented an integrated management system that covers all quality, environmental and workplace health and safety management requirements, with the following commitments:

  • Continuous improvement in these areas.
  • Environmental protection, and other specific commitments relevant to our organisation.
  • The focus of all our actions must be on our ensuring today’s customers remain customers tomorrow. We achieve this through our innovative work and our company policy commitments.
  • By providing high quality products and services, we cultivate long-term customer relationships based on trust.
  • We are committed to preventing pollution, by complying with the relevant legal requirements and other requirements our organisation has committed to relating to our activities, as well as environmental requirements and environmental protection.
  • To achieve maximum customer satisfaction by fulfilling their express and implicit requirements and complying with the relevant legal requirements.
  • To our customers, our quality stems from our responsible approach to our work.

More specifically, we are committed to deploying our creativity in the designs of products for our customer’s benefit; maintaining a service mindset as fundamental to our business; ensuring complete consistency in what customers are offered; consulting and involving workers; training our staff according to full knowledge of the responsibilities each jobs entails; maintaining complete safety and professionalism in the implementation of our products as a fundamental goal; continuously improving the effectiveness of the environment and quality system; and enhancing customer satisfaction for the ultimate benefit of the company, its employees and interested parts.