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Taurine shows its ability to reverse aging

Taurine shows its ability to reverse aging15/06/2023

A study published in the journal Science points to the role that taurine could play, a semi-essential micronutrient that our body produces and that we can also obtain through our diet. According to their data, in different animal species taurine deficiency is a major driver of aging.

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Antioxidants: summer essentials

Antioxidants: summer essentials24/08/2022

We all love making the most of summer! We spend more time outdoors and enjoy sunbathing, which has many benefits. But we must remember that the sun’s rays emit ultraviolet radiation that can damage the skin.

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Coenzyme Q10, the body’s energy spark plug

Coenzyme Q10, the body’s energy spark plug07/07/2022

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, Q10) is a molecule generated naturally by our bodies. Mitochondria, organelles that form part of our cells and generate the energy needed to power those cells’ activity, play a fundamental role in that task.

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The 10 benefits of magnesium

The 10 benefits of magnesium09/09/2020

Low levels of magnesium can cause health problems. The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has established 10 health claims for this mineral. Our bodies cannot afford to be deficient in magnesium.

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Fenugreek, the athlete’s secret ally 

Fenugreek, the athlete’s secret ally 04/05/2020

The biological properties of fenugreek and especially those of its saponins are closely linked to strength and physical endurance in addition to balancing fat metabolism. This is why its use as a sports supplement has spread in recent years. Discover all its benefits!

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Creatine, the amino acid your muscles need

Creatine, the amino acid your muscles need09/07/2019

Are you looking for the quick way to gain muscle and strength? Creatine is your ally. In this article, we will explore creatine in depth and introduce you to Creatine ABS, our highest quality creatine supplement. Get ready to discover how this powerful supplement can revolutionize your results in the gym.

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