Organic black Maca

Source of energy12 and sexual desire stimulant9

With zinc which supports fertility13 and selenium to support spermatogenesis13

Organic black Maca
Source of energy and sexual desire stimulant

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Ingredients: Organic black Maca

Serving size: 3 capsules
Servings per container: 30
Amount per serving
Black maca root powder** (Lepidium meyenii Walp.)
1500.00 mg
Zinc (in the form of zinc picolinate)
10.00 mg
Selenium (in the form of selenium enriched yeast)
55.00 mcg
*NRVs: Nutrient Reference Values
†N/A: Not applicable

**From organic farming.

Other ingredients:

Vegetable-based capsule: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

Food allergens:

This product does not contain allergens (in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011) nor genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Updated on 2023/10/03

Description: Organic black Maca

Health claims

Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction

Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood

Zinc and selenium contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

Selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis

What is maca?

Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) is known as ‘Andean maca, or Peruvian ginseng’ because it is native to the Peruvian Andes. It is a plant that grows at altitudes of more than 4,000 metres, has a root that has been highly prized since ancient times because it is highly nutritious and is considered a fertility and libido booster1-3.

It belongs to the Brasicaceae family and has been cultivated and popular worldwide for more than 2,000 years because of its benefits for sexuality and vitality.

Because it tends to grow in inhospitable places it has a very distinctive shape, with a small aerial part and another fleshy part that grows underground (the hypocotyl) measuring around 3 cm in diameter4.

Why choose black maca?

Black maca is the one that provides the greatest impact on improving male fertility2, 9-11

There are a multitude of varieties of maca, ranging from white to black. The best known are the yellow, red and black varieties4, but it is black maca that has the greatest effect on the reproductive system and on energy2-5.

The type of maca variety depends mainly on the soil type the maca is grown in. Black maca is the rarest of them all, only accounting for 15% of the annual harvest6, earning it the reputation as ‘the gold of the Andes’.

Multiple studies7 have identified the numerous compounds that make up maca, but the following main constituents of maca root stand out4, 7-8:

  • Macaenes and macamides: Polyunsaturated fatty acids considered exclusive to this variety of Lepidium. They are regarded as maca’s biologically active group because they help to improve sexual performance4, 7-8.
  • Glucosinolates or sulphocyanogenic heterosides: These are regarded as largely responsible for maca’s distinctive taste. Among other components, they are effective in stressful situations, giving maca an adaptogenic function4.
  • Sterols: Highly sought after and researched for their cholesterol-lowering ability, their effects on menopausal symptoms, antioxidant capacity, etc.4, 7-8.
  • Other compounds found in maca include catechins and vitamins such as B1, B12, C, E and K8.

Although the market currently offers compounds made with synergies of different maca varieties, it is black maca that has the ideal properties for creating specialist products with high maca root content. This is mainly because the ‘black’ variety contains much higher percentages of macaenes and macamides than the other varieties, and therefore has a greater impact on improving male fertility2, 9-11.

What is black maca used for? What are the benefits of black maca?

Black maca contains compounds that help improve sexual performance2

Peruvian black maca has been used by Peruvians for centuries because of its positive effects on sexual and reproductive health9. Its biggest benefits:

  • Natural stimulator of sexual desire9 (aphrodisiac)
  • Helps to improve sexual performance and energy2
  • Beneficial effect on fertility and the reproductive system12
  • Increase in sperm count and sperm mobility13

So if you want to know which maca can help you with your fertility and sex drive – the clear choice is Andean black maca.

Black maca’s benefits go beyond its effect on reproductive function; it is also a powerful ally that improves bone strength and health in postmenopausal women14. Maca also has adaptogenic properties4, which means it is active in metabolic regulation, helping the body to adapt in situations of exceptional exertion5.

Why choose Organic black Maca with zinc and selenium?

Black maca’s organic formula combines benefits on testosterone levels from zinc15, antioxidant protection from selenium15, together with black maca’s extraordinary fertility properties9 and benefits for men and women’s sexual function9. This combination of attributes offers a complete solution in one single product, thanks to the powerful properties of its individual ingredients.

Black maca

BLACK MACA: the principal components of black maca root are found in the macaenes and macamides, which contributes to improve sexual performance2. It also contains essential vitamins such as vitamin C, and other components that give it high antioxidant capacity8.

ZINC: a powerful antioxidant15 that contributes to healthy immune system function15 and to maintaining normal testosterone levels15. It also promotes fertility15 and reproduction15.

SELENIUM: an essential mineral that the body needs to function well. It plays an important role in fertility by supporting normal spermatogenesis15 and also protects cells from oxidative damage15.

The bottom line: organic black maca offers a unique combination of active principles that stimulate libido2 in both men and women.

Who is Organic black Maca with zinc and selenium designed for?

Black maca can be taken as a source of energy5 and stimulation of sexual desire2

Organic black Maca with zinc and selenium has been developed for people who are seeking to enhance their sexual performance and/or increase their reproductive capacity. The combination of its active principles provides energy5, antioxidant power8, healthy levels of testosterone15 and promotes bone health in postmenopausal women14.

Andean black maca is the product of three powerful elements that, when combined, offer a complete and effective solution for anyone who would like to optimise results in sexual function and fertility.

Additionally, we have made it available in easy-to-swallow maca plant-based capsules, to give customers an organic product that is easy to take.

Organic black Maca quality guarantee

Our extract of organic black maca comes from Peru, where this powerful tuber is a native plant.

Organic Black Maca

At PLANTAE® we are guided by ecological principles and respect for nature. Based on this philosophy, we have chosen an organic black maca of the highest quality. This entails rigorous and exhaustive selection, processing and quality control processes whose end result is a product suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Our ancestors knew that botany offered countless natural options for improving our day-to-day lives. Preserving that ancient wisdom, at PLANTAE® we have chosen organic black maca that is GMO-free and comes in 100% recyclable and recycled plastic containers, to do our bit for the environment.

This product is the result of combining the very best raw materials and highly regulated manufacturing processes. PLANTAE®’s organic black maca has been manufactured in France in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

How should I take maca?

We recommend taking 3 capsules of black maca per day with half a glass of water at mealtimes. This number of capsules is considered the optimum intake of the active principles it contains, if you want to see results with increased energy5 and improved sexual health2.

Can Organic black Maca be combined with other dietary supplements?

Organic black maca capsules can be taken in combination with other dietary supplements without any interaction. At PLANTAE®, we recommend choosing products such as Organic spirulina, which provides multiple minerals and vitamins and will therefore multiply the energy-boosting benefits16 of black maca. Similarly, Precursor GH can be a perfect partner for Peruvian maca, by promoting the regulation of hormone activity15 thanks to the vitamin B6 included in this combination of amino acids.

If you are concerned about emotional balance17 and concentration18, we recommend taking black maca with organic ashwagandha powder or organic Ashwagandha.


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Updated on 2023/02/09

Use: Organic black Maca


3 capsules per day with half a glass of water at mealtimes.


Limit consumption to a few weeks / month. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Does not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are undergoing medical treatment, seek your therapist's advice. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of young children.


Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

Updated on 2023/10/03

Quality: Organic black Maca


Organic black Maca




90 capsules






In France


30 servings


This food supplement is manufactured by a GMP-compliant laboratory (GMPs are the good manufacturing practice guidelines for the European pharmaceutical industry).

The active principle content is guaranteed through regular tests.

Organic products at Anastore are produced in accordance with Council Regulation (EU) No 2018/848 of 30 May 2018 and its subsequent amendments on organic production and the labelling of organic products, with the aim of ensuring consumer confidence and protecting consumer interests.

Certificate issue date: 2023/10/03

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What are the side effects of Black Maca?
Black Maca has no contraindications or side effects as long as the recommended dose is followed.
My sex drive is completely gone and even though I want to have sex l find it very tight and painful. I am 62 years old and still want to have sex will these tablets work for me and get my sex drive back .
Indeed, black maca increases libido and sexual desire in both men and women. It is also a great source of energy and a powerful aphrodisiac.
Is Instinct Male used with Organic Black maca?
For the food supplement indicated to increase libido "Instinct Male" contains Dry extract of maca root (Lepidium meyenii Walp.), so it is not only composed of black maca.
Can use this black maca vitamins for women?
Yes, women can take black maca. Maca is generally used as a dietary supplement with a number of health benefits, including increased energy, hormonal balance, and improved libido.
For women, black maca is also used to relieve symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as mood swings, hot flashes, and menstrual problems.