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Anastore launches new, more eco-friendly formats

Anastore Bio, Europe’s leading online dietary supplements store, is conscious of the need to protect our environment. If we want a more sustainable future, we must reduce the negative impact of human activity on the planet and help to preserve nature. That’s why, over the years, Anastore has made a strong environmental commitment: to continually strive to become a company where sustainability and a culture of ecosystem conservation are key goals for improvement.

Reducing pollution in nature has been a priority on Anastore’s website right from the start. As a result, Anastore has received ISO 14001 environmental management certification, with new environmental targets set year after year, and actions taken to achieve those targets.

In recent years, because of growing concern about plastic pollution, reducing the use of plastics has become one of anastore.com’s major goals. To achieve this, we set up an ecological committee, dedicated to researching more sustainable alternatives and optimising manufacturing processes and products, with the primary aim of reducing waste and CO2 emissions, and helping to create a more sustainable environment.

Following various sustainability studies, the committee has implemented several changes in manufacturing processes, for product formulas as well as product presentation. The aim of these changes is to reduce the amount of plastic generated without losing an ounce of product quality.

Thanks to this project, Anastore Bio has reduced the amount of plastic it generates by half a tonne per year. The key measures implemented have been:

  1. Optimising the containers: using containers more customised to the number and size of the capsules, avoiding using larger bottles than necessary.
  2. Optimising the formulas: using new machinery to produce formulas that require small doses of active compounds, for products that take up less space.

We have applied these measures to more than 25% of the products listed on the anastore.com online store and have helped to cut down the amount of waste generated, as well as the carbon footprint generated during transport, enabling us to offer supplements that are more environmentally friendly.

Another measure adopted to optimise the products is the removal of the packaging foam used to fill some containers. The security and integrity of each product’s containers are always checked to ensure safe transport, and to ensure the product reaches its destination in perfect condition. This helps to reduce the amount of waste generated when using products from the Anastore dietary supplements store, for example organic supplements such as organic spirulina o organic nopal, for which packaging foam is no longer added.

In some products, the formula has been changed without losing its active compound content, for example organic chasteberry and vitamin K. In these products, the capsule size has been reduced, minimising or eliminating the quantity of non-active ingredients, to offer sustainable supplements and avoid unsuitable or excessive use of natural raw materials.

Thanks to all these changes, we’ve successfully streamlined our use of resources – the key premise for sustainability. Ever since it first launched, Anastore Bio has implemented a range of measures with the goal of contributing to and promoting environmental conservation. These measures include :

  1. Promoting good environmental practices by creating recycling systems, using recycled and/or recyclable materials, and delivering in-company environmental awareness training.
  2. Increasing listings of organic supplements and organic foods in the catalogue.
  3. Installing water refill stations and using refillable glass bottles to avoid generating plastic waste.
  4. Promoting bicycle use and installing a secure cycle parking area.
  5. Installing low energy LED lighting and insulating the building infrastructure to prevent excessive use of the heating and cooling systems.

But Anastore’s environmental committee is going further, setting ambitious environmental goals:

  1. Planting native flora around the company’s premises.
  2. Prioritising local suppliers, sustainable and/or organic crops.
  3. Supporting the establishment of up to four bike lanes for travel to the company’s premises.
  4. Prioritising transport companies with low-emission, sustainable transport options.

And yet new environmental challenges are emerging every day, and more action is needed to minimise pollution and its impact on our ecosystem. That’s why, at Anastore BIO, our core business remains offering sustainable and environmentally friendly dietary supplements.


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