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11 Proven benefits of ashwagandha

11 Proven benefits of ashwagandha09/01/2018

Adaptogenic properties of ashwagandha (Withania somnífera (L.) Dunal) help you achieve emotional balance and overall wellbeing. It also has a rejuvenating effect and antioxidant action. 

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The invaluable anti-ageing benefits of Turmeric

The invaluable anti-ageing benefits of Turmeric09/01/2018

Inseparable from Indian gastronomy, turmeric, a spice with a characteristic flavor, is not just a culinary asset, but an indispensable antioxidant health ally. How does he act against free radicals? Why is our extract particularly effective?

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When man was strong and healthy

When man was strong and healthy14/11/2017

After studying the principles of the paleolithic diet, Anastore has developed an ideal snack for maintaining vitality between meals: CRO® bars, which only contain fruits – ­dried fruits and red fruits – with no preservatives or artificial flavours.

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Rhodiola, a “secret defense” plant

Rhodiola, a “secret defense” plant14/11/2017

While depression has become the scourge of recent decades (it is even called “the evil of the century”), conventional medicine is offering more and more treatments to counter its symptoms. Unfortunately, antidepressants often have unpleasant side effects.

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