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5 plants that help to stimulate sexual desire and male erection

5 plants that help to stimulate sexual desire and male erection15/07/2019

Enjoying a fulfilling sex life is important for maintaining good physical and psychological health. Over time, sexual relations evolve and although tenderness, intimacy and security are also valuable, there is no reason to give up on enjoying a full sexual life. Some plants traditionally used as aphrodisiacs, can make a difference and help in cases of erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, fatigue or decreased hormone levels.

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Creatine, the amino acid your muscles need

Creatine, the amino acid your muscles need09/07/2019

Each day, your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints perform multiple contractions and relaxations to perform the wonder that is movement. This engineering work that we call locomotive apparatus must have good operatives to ensure proper development, maintenance and repair. To achieve this, the muscles must receive sufficient water and specific nutrients every day. One such nutrient is creatine. 

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Healthy digestion and intestinal rhythm through plants

Healthy digestion and intestinal rhythm through plants06/06/2019

You may be wondering: Why is my digestive system not working properly? What is causing my heartburn, constipation or trapped wind? Don’t worry, you don’t need to suffer in silence. And you certainly don’t have to resign yourself to these problems. Nature provides solutions for achieving optimum digestion. 

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Matcha, the Japanese health elixir

Matcha, the Japanese health elixir04/07/2018

Look beyond the food hype on social media, and the celebrities who say they consume it every day to be fabulous, and you will see that the supreme nutritional properties of this distinctive green tea powder called Matcha green tea are genuine.

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Healthy alternatives to coffee consumption

Healthy alternatives to coffee consumption18/06/2018

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Each place, each country and each culture has different tea consumption habits and traditions. It is well known as a caffeine-rich beverage. Caffeine is the substance that gives it its stimulant properties and contributes to its bitter taste.

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Tea, a source of antioxidant properties

Tea, a source of antioxidant properties06/06/2018

Over the centuries, in eastern culture, tea has been considered a social and medicinal drink. During this time, many claims have been made (some exaggerated) about the benefits it can bring to health. In this article, we will clarify the truth about the real benefits of regular tea consumption for health. 

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A workout with pure raspberry juice

A workout with pure raspberry juice17/01/2018

If there is still any doubt, sport is also the domain of women! Several reasons to get started : weight loss, maintaining your physical and mental health... To make each session a pleasure, discover a food supplement that combines health and sweet!

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Because the real beauty secret is nutrition!

Because the real beauty secret is nutrition!10/01/2018

To protect the skin, the first barrier of the body, nothing better than the bioactive compounds that nature provides us. Collagen, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10... Indispensable anti-aging treatments with proven effectiveness, which Anastore associates with acerola and cranberry for a perfect synergy... That you can drink!

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Ginkgo, the fossil tree that improves memory

Ginkgo, the fossil tree that improves memory09/01/2018

Discover the first surviving plant of Hiroshima, symbol of millennium longevity, and especially its multiple health benefits, including its effective action to stimulate cognitive faculties, such as memory and concentration. Which tree is it?

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